Coaches Education

All CCPS coaches need the following classes in order to be eligible to coach a team a

Athletic Handbook for Coaches 2020-2021

1)  Athletic Care and Prevention Course – See your Athletic Director for dates and times. (Must be completed in first 2 years of coaching)  This class only needs to be taken one time only! Care and Prevention Class August TBA 2020-2021

Coaches will need to recertify every 5 years for care and prevention after taking the initial class.

For out of county registrants and those who are first timers to sign up for a class, you have to create a user ID and password:
Sometimes it can be confusing to create a login.
Click on the link To Register:
Eschool solutions will open – click on “browse public catalog” (Right hand side)
Check box to accept terms, then click on “accept”
A window will open w/ Course Catalog at the top and a drop down arrow
Click on the drop down arrow
In the box labeled Course Code or Title:  TYPE the word “CARE”
Then click “Search” (blue button)
The Next window, you will see in the list, care and prevention “PE002”
Click on the “Register” button (in the blue margin – left side of screen)
Here is where you will create your profile to obtain a user ID # – Select a User ID number and Pin between 1001 and 1100. A mailing address is required so that we can mail any available end of course certificates to you.
See window below:
untitled.png Registration

Complete the information with red asterisks – Once complete, click on “Add” (blue button at bottom of page – not in pic)

2) Concussion class from the website. (Class needs to be taken each year)

3) Heat Illness Prevention from the website. (Class needs to be taken each year)

4) Sudden Cardiac Arrest from the website. (Class needs to be taken each year)

Classes offered on the website are offered free of charge.  Please sign up for the course and place it into your account.  The price will reflect $0.00.  Proceed to your cart and purchase.  Certificates of completion must be turned into your Athletic Director prior to the start of each season.

5) CPR and First Aid – Required every 2 years (See your Athletic Director for dates and times offered in the county.  CPR Classes for this upcoming year are as follows…

CPR class will be offered: TBA